music and praise

4 December 2006
I went to see a dvd that someone from church was holding a viewing. It's called the truth behind hiphop exodus into egypt (by It was quite a strong message with no apologies.

I understand many things that the ex-ministries were saying. However i still got to go out and find certain truths for myself. The gyst of the dvd was that we are influenced by the music we listen to. Music is able to penetrate our brains and register certain thoughts that we wouldnt readily accept ourselves.

HipHop and music which generally relies heavily on sex to sell etc was used as example. When you think about it. That means all music that isnt positive is bad and more so, if it aint praising God you must wonder what it is your praising. Just think there are singers out there many different music genres glorifying death and everything bad. mmmm....words are powerful

makes you think if we are blessing or cursing ourselves daily.

It does make me look at music differently now. However without prayer how else am igoing to know the truth for myself. Im sure God has a plan for me. I just hope i make my Father proud

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