In Faith in me will continue to try

13 July 2008
I went out of town and visited my friends. I got to see all of them together. It was very nice. As the night slowed down we began speaking on a spiritual level.

First we spoke about spirits and people who practice obeah. It lead us to talk about having your spirit in the right place. I mentioned a conversation with my pastor about spirits and palm readers. Where basically he said that we are all spiritual people. Our flesh is limited but the spirit can reach further. We all have the ability to use the spirit to see. However what people must bare in mind is that....whenever someone tells you must ask yourself, who is the source of that information. If it is not of God than it is not for you.

We also explored levels of faith. I said to my friends I feel my faith is here but I want to be up there. One friend said, thats fine but I must think that I will get there I just have to continue to work towards achieving that goal. It doesnt neccessarily happen over night.

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