The Secret or is it?

23 November 2008
I have partly read a book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. My friend noticed that I had been reading it and sent this message to me.

I have noticed you are reading quite alot of good books.Remeber those
books can really help you.Also i have noticed that one of you books is on the
secret. Those are univerasal laws that work for anyone that uses them. The bible
is also got these laws. God put them for us to use.I have watched The secret
Dvd. The only thing is these people use Gods law and claim all the gllory to
themselves as if they r gods themselves.I have done a little research on these
people they r into some funky stuff.What they say on the laws r true, that is as
far as it goes for me.It is fascinating.You will c it if you read the
bible.Jesus did these micracles by acknowedging the father & giving him the
glory.God of the universe is, is God all by himself. Adam & Eve claimed that
they want to be as God themselves to be come gods. This was in the garden by
listening 2 the serpent, thats when sin entered the world.We are created by God
& God gives us the ability 2 create.This what These people don't believe in
sin & we need a SAVIOUR.Thank God 4 Jesus that he came in fleshly form. The
sacrifice for mankind.I thought you might find this interesting.

God bless.

Now I haven't finished the book and might just get the dvd to watch. It just keeps telling me about the universe which conflicts with what I believe in. I have been reading it and wondering where is God in this. If I finish the book or watch the dvd I will indeed review it here.

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