Bible in Patois

9 June 2010
I was reading The Voice newspaper and came across an article about the Bible being translated into Jamaican Patois. As my parents spoke it and my elders speak it, I am always surrounded by Patois. So this sounded interesting. The Bible has been translated into so many languages so that the Word can be understood in the 1st language of so many people.

Luke's Gospel is the 1st book in the Bible to be translated into Jamaican Patois which is the language of the people home and abroad. I have listened to some of the audio book and I am impressed. The story telling is amazing and is sure to get more people wanting to hear more. They have not used the rawest form of patois that foreigners do not understand. Think of it this way it is Patois without slang.

You can get a free download from i-Tunes.

The download is free. So tell me what do you think?

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