16 August 2010
Church was definitely lively yesterday.Well my church usually is. The spirit of the Lord is definitely among us. I really wanted to discuss more of what Apostle spoke about in service but as usual I didn't take notes. This is something I will definitely aim to do in future.

I am always moved by people's testimonies. One lady spoke about for years not having any feeling attached to life and life events. Such as picking up her great-granddaughter. Through the grace of God she now has those associated feelings that she longed for.

When she was speaking it made me think about myself. I would not say that I do not have any feelings attached to life events. After all anyone that knows me can testify that when it comes to my children, they are so loved by me and they know this. So this lady's testimonie spoke to me. On the front I can come across as emotion less and un-moved by certain things. I am talking about things that hurt that are soul destroying. On the outside I am always happy or appear to be so. Yet deep down inside I feel pain. I just do not know how to deal with it except to smile. Smile in the face of adversity.

I am more rambling than telling a story. I think I just need to learn or allow myself to let go sometime. I hope you got the gyst of what I was trying to say.

This song was sung during Praise and Worship. Kurt Carr - In the Sanctuary

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