Midnight Oil Summit 2013 - Taking Over the City!

8 July 2013

Midnight Oil Summit 2013

My friends have attended the Midnight Oil Summit over the past few years. I have been pretty much nah its okay. Though this year I am definitely going. It is a conference that I can only liken unto MegaFest hosted by TD Jakes. There are events for families, women and men. I look forward to seeing the flash mobs and might enjoy one of the prayer picnics. I am also looking forward to the live album recording. After all praise and worship is my favourite part of any event.

Midnight Oil Summit takes place 18-20 July 2013 in Birmingham. The 18th is a separate ticketed event for leaders. The 19th and the 20th are the main events. Pray for me, that me and (yes) my boys can wake early enough to attend Prayer Plus. I have heard so many good things about it. I am quite excited and praying that my day to day life doesn't get in the way. I am ready to learn and grow and get my praise on. Tickets for the 19th and 20th is £20 and will get you into both days. There are no concessions. Do not let that put you off. This is going to be an amazing event and will be worth every penny. Watch the video below.

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