Sarah Jakes | Lost and Found

4 April 2014

Sarah Jakes is the daughter of the well known Bishop T.D. Jakes. She has developed an amazing ministry in her own right and shares how she overcame her own life's trials. In her webisode Lost and Found episode 1: The Evolution of Grace, she greets the audience by stating that she is not a 

"... minister but in ministry that means I have taken all of the things in my life that I thought would at one point hurt me or harm me keep me from grace and used it to help other people."
Sarah became a mother at the tender age of 14. Still just just in her twenties she has also experienced divorce after a failed marriage. Compounded by the fact that she is a preachers kid who did not feel like she belonged in the Church. Her book Lost and Found is about God's saving grace in her life and being an overcomer. It is available to buy from 1st May 2014 or you can purchase it now as an e-book.

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