Penny Blessing

28 June 2014

Below is a copy of an entry on my notes on FB dated 28 April 2007:

The other day I was at the checkout and this woman was short by a penny. So I said I will give her the penny so that she would not have to leave any of her shopping behind.
Five minutes later I am on my way to get a ride home heavy laden with shopping bags. Some people are shouting me. This girl says they are calling you so I turn around and this man comes up to me grasping his throat. He tells me he had lost his voice so couldn't yell. He hands me a fiver. My money had dropped out of my pocket and he picked it up and gave it back to me.
Just think if I didn't help that lady.Maybe a coincidence maybe not.Maybe God's angels are watching me and you tooStay blessed!!

Just reading it and looking back at that day has given me something to reflect on. It happened seven years ago and I no longer believe it to be a coincidence. I am a strong believer in being a blessing to others. The smallest blessing can make the biggest changes to someone else. I do not know what impact it would have been for that lady if she had to put some of her shopping back. I had no idea whether she was financially sound or just having one of those days. Likewise I know I would have missed that £5. It could have been my fare home that day. To think that man who had lost his voice ran trying to yell to get my attention just to return to me what I had just lost. He didn't have to do it. There is a blessing in being a blessing. Don't you agree? 

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