Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr - Sermon

16 January 2015

Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr is most famously recognised as one of the most prominent faces of the African American Civil Rights Movement in the USA. He is the face of peaceful yet persistent protest. He was also a much respected Pastor. I was watching a video on Youtube and this sermon was mentioned. 

The Drum Major Instinct Sermon - discusses living within your means. He talks about this need that people have to over stretch their finances so they can compete with other people and prove their worth. In other words materialism and consumerism which we can see today. This constant need to out do the Jones' to a point of destruction. He even goes further in regards to the supposed friends people will claim to have just to prove their worth.

The church culture is mentioned too. King states that Church is the one place where the doctor lawyer  teacher should be able to go and forget their titles etc. Otherwise church just becomes no better than a social club. (paraphrased)

The Bible reference given for this sermon is Mark 10:35-45. I encourage you to listen to the full sermon below. What he says definitely applies to todays society.

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