Fill Me Up | Casey J

28 February 2015

Whilst listening to the radio I came across this song by Casey J called Fill Me Up. It caught my attention. I got my phone out and opened up Shazam to see if I could find out the songs name.

The opening verse says:

If you provide the fire
Then I will provide the sacrifice
If you pour out your spirit
Then I will open up inside
Fill me up God
It reminds of several Bible verses that talk about God's spirit being poured out onto His people. Such as Acts 2:17 and Proverbs 1:23. This song puts it into perspective. For many God is waiting on you to say yes and open up to Him. It is a process. I myself have had a brick wall surrounding me due to life's tragedies yet I realise that I need let go sometimes and just be open with Christ. It is a process and I am learning. 

Just as much as the song brings me joy it has a vulnerable aspect to it. You can be closed off for so many reasons but is that blocking your blessings. Open up to God and watch Him move in your life.

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