UK Gov Wants Sunday Schools Regulated By Ofsted

20 April 2016

If you have grown up with Christian parents who attend church weekly, Sunday School and in some cases Sabbath school may have been a major part of your life. It is the go to place to get a church based education in a child friendly space at a child friendly pace. Full of activities, singing and learning the Word. I attended Sunday School up until I was 16. By that time I was fully engrossed in main church services and Sunday school was not enough.

The UK government is targeting faith schools and have included Sunday schools. Any Church or religious organisation that offers education to children for more than six hours a week will be required to register with Ofsted. Also if someone complains about the education given by church sunday school Ofsted would have a legal right to step in and make demands of the church or religious institution. This proposal is said to be to ensure that British values are taught and to ensure no one is being radicalised. 

Christian Charities have given a join statement to oppose this move. As it would interfere with freedom of religion, privacy and family life and more. 

"The government says Ofsted will only inspect churches for 'British values' compliance if there is a complaint. However, the scope for vexatious complaints is considerable, especially in the current climate of aggressive secularism and religious illiteracy. The experience of some Christian schools is that inspectors themselves can be ignorant of or hostile to Christian beliefs and practices."
You can read the full article on the Evangelical Alliance Website.

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