Testimony Tuesdays | Dee McIntosh

6 December 2016

I received Christ around 5 years ago. 

I always knew He was there but I didn’t know Him. I grew up in church til the age of 14, when I stopped going. Previous to that I had to go, it wasn’t an option. It was a Methodist church. I used to find it so boring and hated going.

I was baptised 4 years ago. My experience of church is quite mixed with both positive and negative. However, I go for the Lord and not for socialising. 

My life has changed for the better. Bad things can still happen to Christians but the mindset I now have and the comfort from the Lord makes you deal with things better. You see life and the value of things for what they are. I feel so much more thankful. I don’t have all that I want but I have well more than what I need.

Dee is a business woman who owns her own Beauty Salon, Diamond Dolls Beauty. 

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