Snoop Dogg Has Heart Set on Gospel Music!

21 May 2017
Picture Source: Snoop Dogg IG
Snoop Dogg recently shared in a radio interview that he plans to release a Gospel music album. That is right. Snoop Dogg, the infamous Gangster rapper, whose dabbled in Reggae (Rasta Snoop) is now turning to Gospel music.

In his interview, he explains that he has been in conversations with singer Faith Evans about this project. He declares it has been in his heart to do gospel album for a long time. 

What will a Snoop Gospel album sound like and will HipHop fans buy the music? Will Snoop get a warm welcome from Christian and Gospel music faithful fans let alone church attendees? 

One thing is for sure. As he says it has been in his heart to do such a project, I can only imagine God is working on him internally. What do you think?

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